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Here are the next steps to getting your company plugged into our carrier network:

1. Schedule a call to discuss our programs in more detail, demo tools, etc. (use link below)

2. After the call you will receive our partner agreement via docusign.

3. When we have configured your account we will schedule an on-boarding session with our team

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Which one of the following best fits your request?

A We are a business customer that would like to receive commissions for services we purchase from CTG3.

B Our company is a provider of equipment or services which require telecommunication services we do not provide. We prefer to let CTG3 provide the back end support for pricing, project management, etc. and we will maintain the customer relationship.

C We are experienced with telecommunications and our goal is to be as self sufficient as possible working direct with the carriers when possible. We will rely on CTG3 for training on systems and guidance on which carriers to use for individual projects.



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